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About Spring Shields:

Spring Shields is a new and innovative spring tube protector or just spring protectors. It would probably fall under many categories such as cover tools, spring covers, in-ground pool cover parts and spring tubes. Spring Shields was produced as a solution to a long time problem in the pool industry. For many years contractors and homeowners alike open and close thousands of in-ground pools facing the dilemma of the spring tubes falling off in the spring and again in the fall. The unprotected springs lends itself to many problems. Such as; the springs ripping the cover, scratching the decking and most of all THE TUBES FALLING OFF.

The main purpose of producing our tubes is that they DON’T FALL OFF. Many in-ground pool cover companies sell these tubes at a wide price range. All of which produce the same outcome; tubes falling off! In-ground pool cover spring tubes should not come off.

Your in-ground pool cover is something that you see in your backyard for over 5 months out of the year. Many people forget about he cover as soon as its taken off but the summer season seems to go by quickly and the cover is then taken out to be put on again and there goes the problem that you forgot about in the spring, replacing those tubes, yet again. As a homeowner myself, I don’t want to take extra time doing redundant chores, so why not get Spring Shields and make things easier for yourself!

In-ground pool safety covers are made to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT, to protect your pool. So why not complete that protection by adding SPRING SHIELDS to your in-ground pool cover. Our patented Spring Shields are made to “ Snap On and Stay ON “ so that your don’t go through the redundancy of replacing the spring tubes two times a season. They also serve as replacement tubes for in-ground pool covers. Our Spring Shields are produced with a very flexible material so that it fits many different springs.

Our Patented snap on feature allows for quick installation with years of hassle free closing and opening of your pool. We have been in the swimming pool business for over 25 years. In that time we have built, serviced, opened and closed thousands of pools.  Being in the pool business and having pools - we know what its like when opening and closing and the frustration of those tubes falling off; i.e.  the birth of Spring Shields.

We are not the least expensive and we are not the most expensive, BUT We Are the ONLY company that makes in-ground spring covers That Don’t Fall Off!

Time is very precious and just a little less time spent doing a task means more time spent with life quality things that are important - Family and friends.

We seek growth by identifying market needs and passionately creating value delivering solutions. In the problem solving task, we recognize that the process of discovery is just as important as the invention.


Certified Pool and Spa Operator accredited by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

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